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Leash dogs, fine irresponsible owners

My response is to the Sept. 19 article about how Fraser hopes to collar dogs at large.

As someone who has lived in Fraser for less than two years, I’m appalled to see all the dogs on the loose in my neighborhood, chasing everyone, even running out of their own yards to cross the street to attack my husband in our own driveway.

When will enough be enough?

Where I reside, I am not allowed dogs. But our front yard is used as a public toilet for all the loose dogs running our street. How sad is it that I can’t even take walks around my neighborhood without my mace in one hand, a taser in the other, to protect myself from the four-legged attackers?

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When I lived in California, before I moved to Fraser, I like dogs and their responsible owners, but now I despise dogs and their ignorant owners who have the mindset like parents of their newborn baby – that everyone loves and wants to be around their baby, or should as much as they do.

It’s time for not only the dogs in Fraser to be on a leash, but also to hit the dog owners where it hurts most, in their pocketbooks with big time charges, This should wake up the dog owners who do not have the commonsense or respect to keep their dogs in their own yards or on a leash when walking them.

If our children ran after or attacked someone, there would be repercussions, both to the child and their parent. Why can’t the same be true for the dogs and their owners?

Donna Lively


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