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Let’s be honest about Cops ‘n’ Robbers ‘debate’

AAAHHHHHH . . . The debate continues. Until we are able to collectively discern what our agenda is in terms of printing this information, the debate could go on forever.

Personally, I would like to see the reports removed. In the spirit of debate, I have chosen to counter a couple of “pro” arguments previously stated.

1. If you don’t like Cops ‘n’ Robbers, DON’T READ IT! This seems to be a “super philosophy” somewhat akin to telling your child, “Whatever you do, don’t look directly at the sun,” followed by your child complaining of burning eyes. Using this argument as the ultimate “fix-it” seems to be oversimplifying the issue.

2. Cops ‘n’ Robbers isn’t intended to be humorous, but rather to serve as a warning. Really? As a former journalist, I have looked at many newspaper police logs. Never have I seen a police log that converts public record information into a NARRATIVE with catchy headlines! Furthermore, has there been a causal relationship established that reading Cops ‘n’ Robbers serves as a deterrent to crime? Is our individual safety guaranteed because we’ve read the headline: A powder day gone awry: John Doe was caught speeding through town wearing goggles! I doubt it.

3. If you don’t want your name in the paper, don’t commit the crime. What about the legal precedent of innocent until proven guilty? How about the fact that many individuals within those records are found not guilty. And while one could argue that these records are eventually published as well, at what cost to these innocent individuals?

In short, to say Cops ‘n’ Robbers should stay because it’s “entertaining” actually has some merit, but to spew out lackluster moral arguments such as the ones above? Let’s get real.

Anne-Marie Salem

Hot Sulphur Springs

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