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Let’s end the partisanship and work for all Americans

To the Editor:

In response to the letter posted by Ms. Linke, it is my hope that someday Ms. Linke could truly put “Country First” by leaving behind the attacks of extreme partisan politics.

In these times of national crisis where we see our country in the deepest national debt in history, when nearly 800,000 people are approaching the holidays having lost their jobs in the last year, thousands have lost their homes, and foremost we have lost nearly 5,000 precious American lives in this war.

It is time to put an end to the finger pointing and lies. We should all feel free to express opinions without having our patriotism or godliness questioned. As Obama has stated, “We are not a nation of blue states or red states but the United States.”

We all need to work together to become a positive part of the solution.

We need to pray for ALL Americans.

Paula Ohri Chamberlain