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Let’s stop the county’s trash transfer station

Let me see if I understand the proposal. The proposal is to gather trash from eastern Grand County, haul it west to Hot Sulphur Springs, re-package it in a new $1.7 million facility and then haul it back east.

Not only would the trash be returned to eastern Grand County increasing truck traffic on U.S. 40, it would then be hauled over Berthoud Pass and via I-70 to somewhere east of Denver. How many of us want to be stuck behind the several additional trucks traveling the pass on a weekly basis? And, we know that I-70 is already a traffic disaster that definitely does not need more truck traffic.

In this era of oil shortages, adding to the carbon footprint in this manner is not in the best interests of anyone but the people hauling the trash. With the hundreds of thousands of acres in rural Grand County there must be some spot where a landfill could be built. Building a transfer station in Hot Sulphur Springs may be a solution that does not look at the long term costs. To me it is inconceivable that this is the best and most economical solution over the long term when future trucking costs, increased air pollution and traffic is factored in.

I urge the Board of County Commissioners to halt the proposed trash transfer station and seek a local and more sensible solution.

Sidney Brugger


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