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Letter: A few facts to breathe in

Dilutions. Who knows what causes conspiracy theories? Perhaps for Bill Hamilton, it’s a bad batch of weed. His concocted story about a secret effort by high-level U.S. government leaders to sabotage Trump’s candidacy vaporizes with the fresh air of facts.

Try inhaling this instead, Bill.

Before the last presidential election, the president actually held back factual information of Trump’s unusual actions in Russia and with Russians, so as not to influence the outcome. And, if Comey was charged, as Bill would have us swallow, to “make sure your (Comey) investigation of her (Clinton) fizzles,” then why did he very publicly announce the opening of a new investigation into her emails 11 days before election day? Take a deep breath. These are only a few facts to breathe in, showing that Bill Hamilton is blowing smoke.

Ronald Fischer, Fraser

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