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Letter: A visitor behaving badly

To the Editor:

To the gentleman from Oklahoma, I wanted to thank you for teaching my 5-year-old girl all sorts of new foul language. This came about because at a local gas station I was finishing up fueling and apparently I didn’t do it fast enough for him.

He actually came out of his truck and started yelling and swearing. Can you believe a supposed grown man doing that? He kept the swearing up for a few minutes, even after I asked him to not talk like that in front of my girl. In fact he got worse and wanted to actually fight. After laughing at him he got downright worse.

I just wanted to drop a line and thank this buffoon for scaring my girl, also a good laugh for me. So if the visitors up here feel like we locals are a little testy, you can understand why. There was no need for his actions and if he wants to throw his tantrums he should make sure his diaper is on the outside of his pants. Thanks for letting me rant.

Roger Sharpe


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