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Letter: Benson

Fraser, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

I think that we may see a very historical event shortly. I believe that we may well witness the first “ZOMBIE” election in history.

I would not be surprised to find out that people that haven’t voted since the Civil War may well cast mail-in ballots this time. In modern society there is all kinds of “cheating” at almost everything. However, when it comes to the election of our leaders, NO ONE should tolerate it.

I am not so naive as to think that it doesn’t happen. I know that both major parties do it to some degree. I especially hate it when “Republicans” do it. However, the “Democrats” have raised it to a science.

This election I am urging every one that can “LEGALLY” vote to get out and cast your ballot. Please, do not waste your vote on some “Third-Party” candidate. Only Obama or Mitt Romney will win. I make no bones about it, I hope Romney wins and big.

I also urge you to back Republicans all the way down the ticket. Please vote for Baumgardner, Lundberg, Ochs, Fattor, McConnell, Linke and Romney.

This election, will determine whether the United States remains at least as free as it is now, at least far a while longer, or whether we head down the road to communism.

If you are still undecided, maybe you should sit this one out, but you lose your right to bitch if you don’t vote.

Norm Benson


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