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Letter: BLM movement isn’t about black lives

Don’t be fooled … there is a difference between “black lives matter” and BLM. As decent, law-abiding Americans, we believe that black lives matter, we believe that all lives matter, but BLM is a Marxist political movement whose mission statement is to overthrow the government and destroy America.

BLM is choosing which lives really do matter, namely only black people killed by police officers. Why don’t the black officers who have been hurt or killed matter to BLM? Why don’t the black business owners whose properties were looted or destroyed matter to BLM? Why don’t the black children gunned down and killed in the big cities matter to BLM?

Because the true purpose of BLM is not to end racism or police brutality, it is to burn down America, according to their leaders (three Marxists and a convicted terrorist, Susan Rosenberg). BLM is not a civil rights organization; it is a racist organization. BLM is not an organization that helps people; it is an organization that harbors a disregard for individuals’ property and life.

People are afraid to confront BLM because it will make them look like racists, or worse, fear for their lives. In fact, BLM participants are the true racists and socialists who will stop at nothing to tear down our country. Support Black people, but denounce the evil BLM movement for what it is before the hate and destruction they cause is irreversible. Don’t be fooled and don’t be afraid!

— John Erwin, Fraser

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