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Letter: Boisdrenghien, suggestions for the Three Lakes District sewer line

Suggestions for the Three Lakes District sewer line

I am also a former homeowner and current land owner on road 4632. The Three Lakes District has known for over 10 years they would develop and extend the sewer line up road 4632. The Board has engaged in Gross Negligence and Gross Mismanagement and Planning of how they have issued temporary variances. The Board has lied and defrauded the homeowners who built homes on road 4632. The homeowners have spent $25,000 to $40,000 to build their Septic systems with the permission of the Three Lakes District and now the Three Lakes District is notifying the homeowners they must close the septic systems and build and pay for a sewer line and then pay a monthly fee to use the sewer line. How inept does the Board consider the homeowners and land owners ? I would suggest: 1. Three Lakes build and pay for the sewer line on road 4632 or 2. Three Lakes build the sewer line on road 4632, the cost is shared 50/50 by Three lakes and the land and homeowners. The homeowners cost being financed by Three Lakes and the homeowners paying over a 10-year period. ALSO the homeowners share in the net income, receiving 50 percent of the net income. or 3. The homeowners and land owners form an HOA, hire an attorney and sue Three Lakes for gross negligence and fraud. I currently have a buyer for my land but cannot close on the property because of the incompetence of the Board to make a decision.

Arnold Jay Boisdrenghien

Grand County

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