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Letter: Bundy is not a ‘welfare chiseler’

To the Editor:

Concerning Bill Hamilton’s column on Cliven Bundy, I find his assertions to be correct. Jon de Vos is wrong in his letter that Bundy is a “welfare chiseler.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Bundy provides a service in that his cattle are used to put beef on the tables of America when beef prices are at an all-time high… not exactly the traits of a welfare bum. If Jon had taken the time to research the subject instead of taking his talking points from Rachael Maddow, he would have learned that the Nevada B.L.M. (Bureau of Land Management) had systematically kicked 50 other rancher families off the same land before settling their sniper rifle sights on the Bundy livestock. The land in question is federal land that had been grazed on by all ranchers in the Clark County area prior to the whims of Nevada senator Harry Reid. The dirty little secret is that the Clark County land in question is valued at $34 million and had been negotiated by Harry Reid’s son Rory to be sold to a Chinese solar energy firm named E.N.N. at a rock-bottom price of only $8 million. Sounds like Boss Hog is alive and well today and he currently resides in the U.S. Senate as the Democratic majority leader.

Cliven Bundy employs an African-American bodyguard who still works for Cliven to this day, and Bundy’s unfortunate use of words was taken out of context, as he was lamenting the sad state of affairs in America today where more blacks are on welfare and aborting their own babies. Last time I checked, racists don’t cry about high abortion rates on the other side, and Bundy was questioning the reality of a America today where family values have been replaced with a coat-hanger. The real racist and “welfare chiseler” of the day is the L.A. Clippers basketball team owner, Donald Sterling. Mr. Sterling and his fellow stadium owners of the NBA and NFL are the real drains on society, as it is the tax expenditures of the host stadiums’ cities that pay for the Staples Center and the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium, Not wealthy old white owners like Jerry Jones and Donald Sterling.

Michael J Campbell

Winter Park, CO

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