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Letter: Bush, Emily Tracy is the right choice for Senate District 8

Emily Tracy is the right choice for Senate District 8

Emily Tracy will be a fantastic state senator! I’m Del Bush, a Republican, also known as “Mr. Emily Tracy”. My wife, Emily Tracy, is the Democratic candidate running for Colorado’s State Senate District 8, a district including not only Grand County, but also 6 other beautiful counties of northwest Colorado. I urge everyone to support Emily not just because she’s my wife, but because, frankly, she’s the best “man” for the job. Besides being kind and thoughtful, Emily is bright, sharp, educated (MPA), informed, competent and as honest as the day is long. Believe me, she cannot, will not, does not have it in her to tell a lie … and she’s got a lifetime of learning, decisions & experience that add up to wisdom.

Emily has exemplary elective experience, having served two terms on the city council of Canon City (which has a population roughly comparable to that of Grand County). She won re-election by a landslide despite being a Democrat in a quite conservative city! She has solid economic development accomplishments. While on the city council, she served on the Fremont County economic development committee that won the supermax prison for the county which today, contributes significantly to the economy of the whole area. She also served on the original Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) committee (a Governor Romer appointee) which recommended use of lottery dollars to fund GOCO. Today, Senate District 8 (including Grand County) benefits from numerous GOCO projects. She’s also an alumnus of the Bighorn Center for Public Policy.

Obviously, Emily is a public policy geek who is a workhorse & loves trying to resolve problems in our state & its towns, counties, special districts, etc. When elected, she will answer & return calls, reply to emails & letters and will eagerly ask what problems need to be addressed along with ideas on how to solve them. She will visit the counties & towns in Senate District 8, eagerly seeking out what people in the district want/need her to do as their senator.

Finally, she’s trained and experienced in mediation and facilitation, so Emily is exceptionally well- prepared to take on the Republican/Democrat partisan divide in Denver and work across the aisles to find solutions – as indeed she does every day at home with me! Emily will humbly work for everyone in Senate District 8 regardless of party affiliation.

So vote for Emily Tracy not only because she’s my wife, but because you want to benefit from her good judgment, as I do every day here at home. Emily Tracy is the right choice for Senate District 8!!

Del Bush


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