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Letter: CPW moose shootings were ‘outrageous’

CPW moose shootings were ‘outrageous’

To the Editor

I am upset over the killing of the cow moose and her calf last week. I see no reason for this type of action by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Even bears get more than one chance.

Because Sue Rogers lacked any common sense, subsequent to her friend urging her to not go near the moose, two beautiful creatures were murdered. This is outrageous.

Sue Rogers should be fined for the moose attack last week and the cost for all emergency support. As a resident of Grand Lake, she not only knew better but failed to listen to her friend. Sue should be ashamed.

Why did the Department of Wildlife deem the killing necessary when nature did what was natural to protect it’s young? All animals protect their young… duh!

Deborah Heckart

Grand Lake

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