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Letter: Curves buyer says ‘I acted in good faith’

To the Editor:

The letter from the “owner” of the Grand Curves “Franchise” (Owner) has implied that I have committed acts of wrongdoing against the Curves. I am offended this person has implied that I have committed any kind of malfeasance in the operation of the Curves in Granby. I have assisted financially, invested, coached and managed the Curves at my pleasure for several months without ever once receiving a single paycheck and ultimately losing thousands of dollars in the pursuit of a dream.

Two days before the contract deadline for me to complete the franchise transfer of Curves, locks were changed I was locked out of the club, and my name was removed without my consent from the bank account, which I had funded.

I am not able to process any club-related transactions or requested refunds, and Curves International refuses to acknowledge me, the dues paid by its members to them or provide any remedy to the ousted members. Please email me at donewithcurves@gmail.com with your contact information and I will do everything I can to assist you with your refund process.

Due to space limitations and editorial guidelines of this newspaper, I cannot give a detailed account on this page about what has occurred at Curves. I acted in good faith operating the club and negotiating a buyout. I thoroughly enjoyed coaching the members and being part of their healthy lifestyles. I put my heart and soul into the members and the best interests of the club. I have never received a paycheck for my efforts or even a thank you for paying bills and employees. I am truly heartbroken with the occurrence of these events and the present outcome for the members. I hope that there will be an alternative solution for us to continue with our pursuits of a healthy lifestyle in the near future. Thank you to the members who have enriched my life by being part of my short-lived dream.

Jodi Griesch


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