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Letter – Do we really want medical marijuana dispensaries in Grand County?

To the Editor:

After living here four years, I would say Grand County is a hard-working community that wants the best for its children – period. It’s hard to imagine this community supporting anything that could jeopardize our kids’ futures.

This is where the issue of medical marijuana dispensaries meets us head-on. The choice is how available and accessible we want marijuana to be in our communities.

After visiting a dispensary, I’ve found that regulations to obtain “legal” marijuana are a joke. Anyone that wants “legal” pot just has to say the right thing to the right doctor. The doctors can be found on a regular basis at the dispensaries to streamline the process. Most of these doctors get paid for referrals from the dispensaries they service. Just look at the ad in the paper: “Our doctors make house calls.”

Simply put, the easier the access, the easier the access for everyone. To hear that there are already students with medical marijuana cards in Grand County was surprising. But your kids already knew that; they know whose parents have one too.

And with that knowledge comes not only the potential for access, but a real conundrum for kids to navigate when it comes to their own choices about using drugs. it seems to be the case with any substance with the potential to be abused – when put in the wrong hands, it will be. And the more peoples hands it ends up in, the more likely abuse will occur.

I would challenge the parent of any minor with a medical marijuana card to account for every gram of their child’s pot, because if you don’t, someone else already has.

Right now you have to drive to the Front Range or Summit County to find a dispensary to buy pot legally. That seems close enough for me. At least some work has to go into getting it. It’ll be a sad day to see a dispensary open its doors in Grand County. Even sadder will be watching local governments jockey for position to be the first to allow it for the tax revenue.

I challenge everyone to get some good information about drug use among children in this county and get in the conversation about whether dispensaries are good for Grand County. Though it’s only my opinion, I think it’s a terrible idea.

Kevin Regier