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Letter: Edelson, Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for

It’s time for us Democrats to start a “Dump Hillary” movement. On Friday, Clinton’s doctor told her she has pneumonia. On Sunday she collapsed at a 9/11 memorial and later proclaimed “I’m feeling great” on her way upstate. First and foremost, I’m sure everyone joins me in wishing her a speedy, full recovery. Second, at that moment she revealed her true self, and we need to look with clear eyes when deciding if she is fit to be president. Not because she got sick. That happens to everyone. But because when she only had moments to collect her thoughts, her first instinct was to lie. Pneumonia does not make you feel “great.” I have to believe she chose to lie because she feared the truth would cost her votes. At that moment she reacted instinctively, and showed she would say anything to become president. Whether it’s the truth or not is irrelevant. Donald Trump is an obnoxious, egotistical boor, but less dishonest than Clinton. And dishonesty is a far worse quality in a president. After all Teddy Roosevelt was a loudmouthed bully (he gave us the phrase “bully pulpit”) who turned out to be a great president. On the other hand, the most dishonest president of my lifetime was Richard Nixon, and he was also easily the worst. Disaffected Republications started shouting “Dump Trump” before he was nominated, but don’t forget that back in his day the Republican establishment tried with equal fervor to dump Roosevelt. He ended one of the strongest reformers our country has seen (and created the National Park system). Might Trump follow in his footsteps? The reason she hadn’t put Trump away months ago is that everyone knows she’s so shady. If nothing else email-gate confirms her penchant for cover-ups. The same with refusing to release transcripts of what she promised Goldman Sachs at those $600,000 meet-and-greets. The leaked emails show that her DNC cronies rigged the primaries so she would beat Bernie Sanders. So why not Dump Hillary and go with Bernie or Joe Biden for President? Either would beat Trump in a heartbeat. And to my friends who want Clinton no matter what she’s done, I say be careful what you wish for. After all, Nixon’s presidency completely disgraced the Republican party. Hillary Clinton could be our Richard Nixon.

Rick Edelson


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