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Letter: Edelson, I am voting for Andy Miller

I am voting for Andy Miller

Our normally quiet mountain community has recently been rocked by scandal: multiple instances of embezzlement of county funds, the resignations of the County Manager, Finance Director, and Building Department administrator, etc.The highest profile resignation was Commissioner James Newberry.He was replaced by Jane Tollett, a highly-credentialed corporate executive with limited ties to our county.Since then matters have only gotten worse. Ms. Tollett is not running for re-election so there will be one new face on the Board of County Commissioners.One of the candidates to replace her, Rich Cimino, has a similarly tenuous connection to our county.He has only lived here a couple of years and like Ms. Tollett claims to be a quick learner who will rapidly understand the goings-on with Grand County government.We cannot afford to experiment for another 2 years and wait for someone without deep roots in our county to learn about and fix the problems that led to misuse of funds, resignations, and ongoing dysfunctional government. Andy Miller is the other candidate for District 1 commissioner.He has a long and distinguished history of service to our county over the more than 40 years he has lived and worked here.He knows the key remaining players in county government, having seen them in actions in his decades as a local builder, journalist, and trustee in one of the county’s largest towns.At least as importantly he has the strength of character to take on the embedded special interests that got us into this mess, as well as the consensus-building skills to work with the remaining commissioners and other county and town officials to clean it all up.That is why I am voting for Andy Miller for commissioner.I urge you to as well.

Rick Edelson


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