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Letter Eha, No dialogue or discussion at Three Lakes

No dialogue or discussion at Three Lakes

The tax paying public in the Three Lakes Water and Sanitation district asked for a space on their November meeting agenda in the hopes of having an informative question and answer session, so that we could discuss the board’s decisions and policies, past, present and future. Unlike the “public comments” section of each meeting, where the public can speak for a timed five minutes, with no reaction or response from the board, we were hoping to engage in a positive dialogue so that we could clarify and discuss the future progress of the district and the impact to the community, including the recent ruling that Three Lakes would no longer issue any temporary variances on new construction, or sales of a house with a functioning septic system. ( Realtors take note.) I suppose I should have been suspect when Sally Blea demanded that I submit all questions in writing a week before the meeting. When our agenda item was called, Chairman Heffron immediately complained of the unusual request, and that this was to be a one time occasion. And in total contrast to the intention of such an engaging dialogue, in his gavel wielding style, Chairman Heffron addressed the large public gathering as if we were misbehaving three-year-olds, ordering us to not speak, and that there would only be answers to the submitted question, no further questions, answers or discussions. And in their scripted drama, each board member in turn read written answers to the submitted questions, which had all been prepared by their attorney, Carolyn Steffl, who used her legalese to dance around any real reponse to the question that had been asked. The arrogance of this board continues to be amazing. The last question, on the list, was an honest attempt at finding out exactly where this board was going in their decisions, and what qualifications they possessed to be able to make such decisions. But as their drama was coming to the end, they had saved the last question for their attorney to answer herself. And her answer consisted only of the legal ramifications of becoming a board member. And that basically boiled down to two things: 1. You had to be a resident of the Three Lakes Water and Sanitation District, and 2. You had to be breathing. That explains a lot.

Michael Eha

Grand Lake

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