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Letter: Ensor, Why I vote for Andy Miller

Why I vote for Andy Miller

Election day draws near and I write to those who have not yet cast their ballots. I write to those staunch Republicans who would vote straight across the ticket, and to persons who sit upon the fence in the race of Grand County Commissioner. In the face of disheartened frustration regarding chaotic “below the belt” mudslinging and obvious deception surrounding a Presidential race that arises already from a limited and corrupt two party system, it would really bring me hope to see someone I know and trust in a local office. I speak of Andy Miller and the fact of my knowing him is not his only qualifier though it may be one of the greatest if we extend the connection to that of most of Grand County Andy Miller is Grand County born and bred, generations deep. He has worked and participated in Grand County organizations his whole life and has an intrinsic instinctual as well as intellectual understanding of the issues Grand County faces. Because of this deep history Andy Miller as commissioner will be able to function from within a view of the gestalt as he works and guides others to work on the matters at hand. Whether one welcomes or shuns growth there is no denying that rapid growth has been a reality for Grand County. The role of Commissioner is obviously pivotal in shaping the expansion that is to come. I urge our residents to consider Mr. Millers awareness of the old ranching currents that while not dominant drivers certainly underpin the Grand County economy and way of life. Also to research and hold for a moment his ideas to bring the seasonality of the tourism rooted aspects of our economy into the future by progressive yet grounded means. For anyone who knows Andy, it almost goes without saying that he is uber aware of and involved in the discussions and decisions that surround the future of our water ways. Having worked for Andy for a few years, I have had the privilege of gaining a friend and father figure. One who has offered me opportunities to be challenged and grow. One who is able to address seriousness, present and enact solutions of any situation, yet see the humor as well. I look forward to seeing what could come for us folks in the county within his guidance. With a glance back to the national arena, that’s saying something.

April Ensor


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