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Letter: Faulty sewer line in Grand Lake threatens health, a code violation

In December 2018, while repairing a house in Grand Lake, Rocky Mountain Reclamation discovered my neighbor’s house had a broken sewer line and all of their raw sewage was dumping under my house.

The owner was notified and called Three Lakes Water and Sanitation. A service truck was dispatched to this property, and after an inspection Three Lakes said this was not their responsibility, but the problem was corrected.

This May it was once again discovered that nothing had been corrected and that the sewer was still running under my house.

Once again, the owner contacted the town manager, the town’s code enforcement officer and Three Lakes. Nothing was done. Then the owner contacted the newspaper, which called the town and Three Lakes, and that got some attention. The town came out and verified the sewer was running under my house. Three Lakes then told the reporter they fixed the sewer.

Nothing has been fixed. Additionally, the Grand County Health Department has claimed no responsibility. This is a code violation, and a health and sanitation threat to me and my neighbors. Who is responsible to enforce the cleanup? Three Lakes told my neighbor to run a new sewer line and get the home its own tap in May, but that never happened either. Where is it?

—  John Waller, Grand Lake

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