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Letter: ‘Feds are the wrong people to find and help the truly poor’

To the Editor:

We as a nation have had a “War on Poverty” for several decades, and what has it wrought? Answer: About 80 separate federal government “welfare” programs at a cost of $750 billion per-year-more than the cost of Defense or Medicare or Social Security.

Middle class annual income is down in the last few years by about $4,000.

The economy is flat to say the best. Government spending exceeds one-third of our economy. Washington incomes are the highest in the nation.

Unemployment is hovering at a dismal 7 to 8 percent, while the underemployed (part-timers who want to be full-time) is a dismal 18 percent.

However, 80 percent of “poor” households have air conditioning, nearly three-fourths have a vehicle (31 percent have two or more), two-thirds have cable or satellite TV, half have computers and 42 percent own their own home.

Such statistics prove that the Federals cannot separate the truly poor from the 80-program “poor.” Such numbers should convince rational folks that the Feds are the wrong people to find and help the truly poor. How can they be expected to even find the truly poor in Grand County or in any part of Colorado for that matter?

It is written that Jesus said we should help the poor, but nowhere in the Bible does it say that it should be done through the national government.

Our churches, over 30 nonprofits, county government, Lions, Rotary, etc., are much more likely to identify and help the truly poor and to help them succeed. So why are we sending money to Washington Bureaucrats, when we know they are in no position to find or help those who really need it? Don’t re-elect or elect politicians that voted to or want to.

Frank Watts

Winter Park Highlands

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