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Letter: Fucik, None of the meaning of ‘We the people’

None of the meaning of ‘We the people’

The keynote speaker in last Saturday’s Constitution Week event in Grand Lake’s Town Square made a statement inferring that people on the moderate to left of the political spectrum do not respect the Constitution. Since I am probably one of the people to whom those remarks referred, I feel a need to comment. Our Constitution begins with the words “We the people …”. It was written by a group of citizens who recognized the need to come together to “form a more perfect union” to provide for the general welfare of the nation. These words (We the people) have sustained us through a divisive Civil War and were given meaning by leaders who recognized we were stronger together rather than divided. These words united us through two world wars and gave us hope through a Great Depression. These words were our mantra through a Cold War and brought us back together after the trauma of the VietNam era. These words gave us the confidence to put a man on the moon and the tenacity to fight off the aggression of attackers who would destroy what we as a nation represent. These words are what define us and sustain us as a Nation. I have been so proud to live in a town (Grand Lake) and county which so purely personifies the meaning of those words. Our communities give so much of themselves to assist others in times of need. Our residents always come together to help fellow citizens and to progress the needs of our communities. We the people come together to solve problems to the benefit of all. What I heard in Grand Lake on Saturday had none of the meaning of “We the people”. It had none of the inspiration or leadership of our Founding Fathers who wrote those words. It reflected none of the good in our Constitution. It offered no solutions, only blame to inflame emotions. Most of all, it represented none of the character of the people of Grand Lake and Grand County. The people I know are positive and look for solutions, rather than blame. Unfortunately, I know many visitors left that day questioning the values of our town. We are not that kind of town, so why were we put in that position? I love the idea of a small town supporting Constitution Week. That is the kind of thing that makes small towns such wonderful places to live. If we choose to forget who we are as a community and what has sustained us as a nation, then “We the people” risk losing not only our town but also the soul of our nation.

Ken Fucik

Grand Lake

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