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Letter: Garcia

Kremmling, CO Colorado

Gas fleecing in Grand CountyTo the Editor:I travel the entire state of Colorado, What I have found is Kremmling and Hot Sulphur Springs are being charged the most for gas in the state.I have complained to people around town, and now I feel action must be taken. West Grand is paying 20 to 30 cents higher than any other town except Vail and Avon. Many times I have inquired about the difference and I have heard the response, “We don’t have to be competitive; we are our own market,” or “it’s against the law to sell gas less than the other stations.”Really. They must believe we are stupid. I am sure it is because we continue to pay the price we (and) do and not protest. Yes, protest.Our county is having its struggles. I meet with my clients and hear how hard it is everyday. If no one fights for Grand County we will continue to be taken advantage of and be treated like mushrooms. (We will be kept in the dark and $^%& on.) Please have a dialogue about this, investigate, and write some articles, reach out to the television stations about the fleecing of Grand County. Start a protest and get it fixed.Rudy GarciaKremmling

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