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Letter: Granby mayor sends wrong message about school system

To the Editor:

Wake up Granby. I’m truly amazed that the people in the town are OK with a part-time mayor.

Mayor Pierro doesn’t think our schools are good enough for her daughter, so why should she be good enough to be our mayor?

Our community needs to re-think why the mayor isn’t a good idea for our community. This is a mayor that buys a home in Lakewood (Jefferson County) so her daughter can attend school at Lakewood High School. This is very disturbing to me. Where is the pride in our town when our mayor is not here, yet I’m sure has plenty of time to attend school functions in another county and school. Now the mayor doesn’t even support our school system? What kind of message is this sending? It looks like to me Mayor Pierro has no faith in our school system.

I take pride in our community and the town of Granby, why shouldn’t the mayor?

I think Mayor Pierro should have let the people know her intentions and plans, so we knew what we were in for. Mayor Pierro needs to be recalled, or we need to ask for her resignation immediately.

Hannah Brown


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