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Letter: Grand County buck stops with the manager

To the Editor:

The Grand County buck should stop with the county manager – but it hasn’t. Let me count the ways:

The county manager has been in office for decades – too long for an unelected (or elected) official. The county manager has about 13 direct reports – a sure sign of a control freak.

The county manager was in charge when the Building Department had a half million dollars stolen. The county manager took no responsibility and allowed the Building Department Manager to retire with full benefits even though he had been in charge during all of the 10 years that this when on.

It was apparent that the Building Department Manager was using the cash coming in as a personal ATM – write a check for X dollars and take out X dollars in cash: We hope only X, but the county doesn’t know!

The county manager has been in charge while the nepotism rules where ignored or eliminated. The county reported that it has about 60 related people working for it. That is not a problem in and of itself but how many are relatives working for relatives – that is a problem: nepotism. (The commissioners may be trying to find out.)

How many of the county manager’s relatives work for or have worked in the county manager’s purview?

The county manager signed-off on Commissioner Newberry’s duplicate expense reports of about $1,800 and $1,300 to date.

The county manager has regularly signed off on many expense reports without supporting detail.

The buck should stop – with release of the county manager.

Frank Watts

Winter Park Highlands

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