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Letter: Grand Lake Constitution Week speeches were ‘informative and enlightening’

To the Editor:

I was not at all appalled by the scheduled speakers and topics at Grand Lake’s Constitution Week but rather by the shrill tone of the letter from Ms. Cindy Kleh. In fact, I attended two of the sessions and enjoyed both very much. I found Dr. Natelson and Dr. Krannawitter to be not only excellent speakers, but also very well informed on the week’s topic — the Constitution. I found their historical perspectives on the constitution informative and enlightening. Indeed, I wasn’t sickened at all as Ms. Kleh suggested she was. In fact, those in the sessions I attended were appreciative and gave a well-deserved round of applause to both speakers.

Perhaps Ms. Kleh should put aside her sanctimonious self-righteous ravings about the speakers and remember that our military and elected officials vow “to preserve, protect and defend the constitution,” including the Second Amendment. Considering some of the assaults on it, a rigorous defense is necessary. It is an excellent document that has served us well for many years, despite the liberal interpretation of a “living document.”

There is another amendment that comes just before the Second Amendment that has to do with free speech. She should read it and have someone explain it to her, so everyone doesn’t have to amend their values and views to accommodate hers. Might the ire so evident in her Sky Hi News letter to the editor stem from the fact that others’ interpretation of the constitution and their views don’t exactly coincide with hers? Maybe she should put her verbal tantrums and outrage aside and accept tolerance for other points of view. Isn’t diversity one of the cornerstones of the left?

Way to go Grand Lake!

I’ll enjoy the fireworks you financially support, Ms. Kleh, and be back next year to participate in another Constitution Week.

Pete Peterson


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