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Letter: Grand Lake’s Constitution Week produces ‘polarizing politics’

To the Editor:

Am I the only one who is appalled by the scheduled speakers for Grand Lake’s Constitution Week? I give money to the Fireworks Fund every time I drive to work. It makes me sick to see the money used in collaboration with High Country Conservatives to sponsor programs such as “Defense of the 2nd Amendment.” I am not for or against gun laws, but I am against using a community-sponsored event to promote the NRA’s agenda.

Thomas Krannawitter, the speaker scheduled for Sept. 19, is a professor at Colorado Christian University who has published essays defending the Boy Scouts ban on gays. This speaker not only wants to outlaw gay marriage, but homosexuality itself.

Way to go, Grand Lake. Take a harmless event that celebrates the Constitution and turn it into right-wing propaganda. Is this the way to attract more tourists to our town? Fireworks are a great way to draw visitors. Polarizing politics are not.

Cindy Kleh

Grand Lake

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