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Letter: Hocevar

Georgetown, CO Colorado

Ochs stands for school-district autonomy

To the Editor:

People agree education is important. The debate stems from quality vs. quantity,

as well as money and control. School districts should raise their own money and make

sensible decisions that fit the needs of the communities together with parents teachings.

This will result in a better quality system. When the state government acts as a tax

collector for schools, then the state feels compelled to monitor, regulate, and dictate

what will be done with the funds. Thus the state government controls the schools. The

state legislature has many other bills and responsibilities – therefore not specializing in education and tends to make one-size-fits-all, or in other words, quantity decisions.

A goal of Adam Ochs, candidate for state representative district 13, is to let the

school districts operate without interference from the state, not to power-grab control of the schools. Mr. Ochs does knows how to get things done and cares about the future of his toddler. Please remember Adam Ochs on election day.


Michael Hocevar


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