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Letter: Howell, Why I’m opposed to Amendment 69

Why I’m opposed to Amendment 69

First, many doctors would leave the state and I question if there would be enough left to handle the patient load. Second, the plan details are vague. This health care system would have a bigger budget than Colorado’s entire state government. It would push Colorado’s tax rates to some of the highest in the nation. Third, as a retired person who lives on a fixed income, I would be paying for it even if I kept my current health insurance (which is outstanding). My retirement income and my investments (that I scrimped and saved to have for my retirement), will be taxed 10 percent whether I opt for this plan or not. Why should I pay more taxes for something I already have? I need this 10 percent and don’t want to give it to a cause I don’t need. Many individuals and businesses will pay more with these new taxes than they currently pay for health care. Fourth, I don’t want a panel made up of non medical people to decide what they will cover and what they won’t. I watched the debate on this amendment on Channel 20 the other night and am even more convinced it isn’t the correct plan. Talk to your physician and see what his/her opinion is.

Diane Howell


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