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Letter: I’m voting no on Amendment 66

To the Editor:

The education of our kids is of the highest priority, but there are a couple of reasons why I won’t be voting for Amendment 66 on the upcoming ballot. First, measures like this do not belong in our state constitution. It’s become commonplace to try to put things there because they are then much harder to repeal. What we must realize as well is throwing money at an issue is absolutely no guarantee of a resolution. Teacher friends of mine tell me by the time they have taught what the government mandates, there is no time left to teach the kids. And that is very sad.

Please know as I watch the TV ads promoting the re-introduction of music, arts, and physical education, it is tempting to vote yes on 66 as I’m an advocate of all of these classes. However, I’m going past the temptation to stay with my resolve that says this is not a good plan for public education.

Nina Wood


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