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Letter: Is change in the air?

To the Editor:

Is something being put in America’s drinking water? Over the last few weeks, we’ve started to see people wearing magical blue costumes and badges being charged according to the crimes they’re committing.

Thanks to the miracle of ubiquitous video cameras available to the masses, a police officer who shoots an unarmed man in the back as he is running away is appropriately charged with murder instead of being given paid administrative leave and a slap on the wrist.

Thanks to a population waking up to an epidemic of criminality among law enforcement, a group of police officers who take a man into custody without probable cause and then kill him are properly charged with kidnapping and murder.

In Grand County, we’re seeing public officials being held accountable for their actions as well. Embezzlement, official misconduct — things are changing. The people are waking up, and it’s beginning to have an effect.

I’ve previously discussed the definition of happiness as being tied to the swift and even application of justice in society. When the law becomes skewed to favor a particular group, the people’s happiness declines accordingly. When the law is equally and fairly applied across society, that’s when our society is at its best.

When a man is above the law, all others are at his mercy. It is only when we apply the law equally and blindly to all that we can truly be a peaceful and just nation. Lusticia (Lady Justice) is blindfolded for a reason. Let no one be above the law, and your happiness is assured.

Reggie Paulk


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