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Letter: Klancke, Misconceptions of our county,

Misconceptions of our county,

There have been several disturbing statements lately concerning our County’s ability to function that I want everybody to re-think. The three most common misconceptions being spread is that our County is dysfunctional, we are facing a crisis and that the citizens in our County have lost trust in our County government.

I have as much trust in today’s County as I have had in any of the County operations in all the decades that I have lived in Grand County and here is why. I don’t believe that you can call it a crisis if we have no debt and the reserves that we have are being intelligently invested. It is not a crisis when our County government recognizes the need to balance the budget and will accomplish that in the near future. We are not dysfunctional when my roads are plowed every time it snows and when every county department, without exception, handles my needs in a professional and courteous manner.

Could improvements be made in our County operations? Of course they can. This has been true in every decade that I have been interacting with our County government. But to their credit, they have been working diligently to make improvements over all those decades.

I am happy with and trust our County’s staff who work hard and care for our County as much as the citizens who live here. The message that we need to be sending them is “Thanks”. Thanks for caring as much about the County as the rest of us who live here and for having that reflect in the job you do. Please, the next time you see a county staff member out to dinner, give them some of the positive reinforcement that they deserve.

Kirk Klancke

Grand County

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