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Letter: Kriofske , A bad decision by Grand Lake

A bad decision by Grand Lake

WOW! News from Grand Lake: We just returned from a city sponsored event called the Grand Lake, CO 5th Annual U.S. Constitution Week. It turns out to be a thinly veiled excuse to gather area very conservative Republicans to a Christian religious rally where some praise to the Constitution is presented to hide the overt hatred and prejudice of the speakers. The event was introduced by the City Mayor and the the founding Councilman. It featured heart warming tributes to the Constitution, Service People, Law enforcement and the deserving who serve us all. Then the keynote speaker was introduced. He was on a repeat engagement with this event. He is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. He took the podium with his black cowboy hat and, among other atrocities, called President Obama the evil prince of darkness and degraded Obamacare which has insured millions of poor. This brought wild cheers from the audience. I loudly booed and was quickly escorted out of the proceedings by my wife who feared for my safety. How can the voters of Milwaukee County elect such a boor and prejudiced law enforcer? This event was attended by large numbers of police and the Grand County Sheriff’s officers who drove County vehicles 30 miles to attend. Most official’s cars were driven by one person. Does the huge attendance by so many officers indicate compliance with the tenor of the talks? If this is the case, I fear for the current condition of law enforcement in Grand County. Why were there bomb sniffing dogs in our small town? Was this speaker anticipated to draw violent response? If so, he was probably the wrong choice for our small town. Bad decision by our City Council and Mayor.

What is the city of Grand Lake doing sponsoring such an event reminiscent of the initial Nazi rallies in Germany? Where were the local Democrats? Where were speakers with divergent points of view? Where were other religions? The irony of presenting this event as a forum for appreciating our Constitution is blatant with no attempt to disguise the prejucdice and hatred of President Obama and all that he represents. I am greatly offended. I am a resident of Grand Lake and I want this event totally redesigned for next year. Sign me up for next year’s committee. Thanks.

Kris P. Kriofske

Grand Lake

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