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Letter: Liberals have a lot of nerve talking about truth

To the Editor:

Given the national display of liberal lies and lawlessness, it is hard to believe that a liberal would choose to use the word “untruths” in a headline attempting to define the opposition. However, the author of “My View” did just that while attempting to defend the Obama rubber-stamp known as Mark Udall.

It didn’t stop there. Right out of the Udall playbook and TV commercials comes the never-ending liberal narrative of the war on women; “the GOP’s anti-reproductive rights planks?” What!

The only warfare taking place are liberals insulting the intelligence of women by insisting that they must be too ignorant to process and conclude that the numerous liberal policy disasters and corruption, and the resulting serious challenges facing this nation, have less significance than that of a fabricated war on their contraception. If this country doesn’t change course, contraception is going to be the least of anyone’s problems.

Liberals should give women more credit and run on their recent record of honesty, transparency, and competence. Or do they have a reason for wanting to avoid a debate on those qualities?

Doug Foster


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