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Letter: Lohman

Winter Park Highlands, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

Anyone who thinks the “Job Creators” sit around boardrooms trying to create more jobs should vote for Romney-Ryan.

During the recession the rich got richer as the middle class and the poor got poorer. The more corporate profits trumped people, the worse our economy became.

We are a consumer-driven economy. History shows us that our economy is strong when the middle class is strong.

The idea that if we free up the “Job creators” they will change and do what is best for the working class people is not an idea I can embrace.

I sincerely hope that we continue to have four more years of Barack Obama. We were very fortunate to have a president the last four years who was able to stop the downward spiral of our economy and head us in a positive direction.

Romney talks about creating millions of new jobs. When he is asked how, he is so vague, it is pathetic. I trust that Barack Obama will continue to work for us, and our children, not just quarterly profits.

Mike Lohman

Winter Park Highlands

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