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Letter: Make your voice heard on adaptive management for river

To the Editor:

Re: “Adapting for river health is key in Moffat Tunnel Collection System Agreement”

Thank you for your informative article on the Moffat Firming agreement. As a member of the Colorado Headwaters Trout Unlimited chapter, I have been involved in Fraser River water issues for eight years. The adaptive management provisions in the agreement between Denver Water, Grand County, and Trout Unlimited are indeed the key. The last 50 or so years have been the wettest out of the last 500 years, and coupled with scientist’s predictions of global warming, it is likely that future stream flows will be less than we have today. Denver Water and Grand County will be providing funding for monitoring the health of the river on an ongoing basis and if this health declines, corrective action must be taken by Denver Water, provided this is included as part of the permit process by the Corps of Engineers.

The public comment period for this project ends on June 9. Please make your voice heard and request that Adaptive Management be included as part of the permit process. To find out who to write and what you might say, please go to: coheadwaters.org/Home/WhattodoTODAY.aspx.

Paul Hollrah


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