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Letter: Martone, Speak out for clean water and air

Speak out for clean water and air

An overwhelming majority of scientists agree climate change is happening and caused by humans. Scott Pruitt nominee to lead the EPA, has been a longtime adversary of the EPA. He has over the course of four campaigns for attorney general accepted more than $250,000 in donations from the oil and gas industry. As Oklahoma’s attorney general, Oklahoma has developed the worst human made earthquake problem in the country caused by wastewater injection, a by-product of fracking. We must speak out now for clean water and air for our children and grandchildren. For without clean water and air we simply cannot survive. Call your senators to make sure the EPA doesn’t get taken over by the fossil fuel industry’s favorite lawyer. Call 202-750-2411 to be connected with your senators or text PRUITT to 69866 Stop Scott Pruitt’s nomination today.

Sue Martone


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