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Letter: McCracken

Grand Lake, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

Elections are fast approaching. Yes, the presidential race is most important to our country. However, the election of two county commissioners carries major importance to the future of Grand County.

What do you know about county zoning designations and the various rules and regulations? You can find these on the county’s website under planning and zoning department. Educate yourself about how your property is zoned, and then ask the candidates what the difference is between zoning areas and how the rules and regulations relate to each. Ask them what they will do to protect property values.

From personal experience, I can say all these things need to be reviewed: rules and regulations, zoning definitions, and a commitment by county officials to uphold and protect property values. This is especially important if you live in a residentially zoned, non-HOA, unincorporated subdivision. Right now, there should be a sign on each road entering the county warning “Buyers Beware, Do NOT Buy In Unincorporated, Non-HOA, Residentially Zoned Subdivisions.”

Carol McCracken

Grand Lake

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