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Letter: Miller, I will continue to pursue the issues

I will continue to pursue the issues

I could not be bursting with more pride as a citizen of our wonderful county than I am after my run for commissioner. One lovely day during the seven-month campaign I headed north on US Highway 40 after an afternoon spent knocking on doors in Kremmling (only one gentleman in all the hours I spent walking local streets bordered on being gruff at my presence on his stoop – everyone else was more than courteous). I stopped in at a few ranch houses – a little worried about the rumored guard dogs which might be present. Instead my nephew Paul’s job was to throw a ball to distract the pooch so I could talk water with one of our distinguished rural residents. Rest assured fine Grand County citizens, I will continue to pursue resolving the issues you raised with me. I must also make a living, so my pace may be slightly slower than it would have been had you hired me as your commissioner. Some of these issues still have my blood at an only slightly slower boil than it has yours. I won’t rest until we work together to ensure we are all enjoy living in a professionally run county. I wish the best to Commissioner Elect Rich Cimino – he will be a fine representative. He will be even better with input from all of you – the incredibly talented and engaged citizens I met while plying the campaign trail over the past half year. Thank you so much for your support.

Andy Miller


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