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Letter misunderstood

To the Editor:

It figures that someone would take my letter to the extreme. No where in my letter did I suggest that officials start going down the side streets in Grand County and putting liens on private property. My letter specifically states the Highway 34 corridor. Also, no suggestion was made to fill lovely meadows with “row upon row of housing.”

And yes, there is a valid reason for private property owners to cut their dead trees. Most of us have neighbors. Some very close. Dead trees are a fire hazard as well as a falling hazard. The National Forest isn’t full of people and homes. The forest service has made a great effort to cut many hazardous trees. A person doesn’t have to be wealthy or snobbish to want Grand County to look it’s best. And by the way, I don’t live in a mansion or know anyone who does.


Michelle Brown

Grand County

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