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Letter: Mulholland

Granby, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

As a resident of Denver with a home in Grand County as well, I can’t help contrasting your paper with Denver’s. I admire the balanced political coverage your editorial page offers. Furthermore, the letters you select to publish are well written and informative, rather than simply emotional arguments.

I congratulate the three young people who gave their opinion in the Oct. 12 issue for knowing enough about the candidates to have formed an opinion.

I am a conservative, registered as an unaffiliated voter. I, too, am not happy with either candidate, although I feel strongly that since Obama’s administration hasn’t been successful, we should vote to give the other side a chance to try their system.

The single issue of importance to (possibly) be determined by this election is the very survival of our national economy. If the government goes bankrupt and shuts down, all other social issues become irrelevant. Many will think such a statement is scare-mongering, but the truth is we are perilously close to that situation. When the interest on our national debt exceeds the gross national product of the nation, the creditors (those nations who have loaned us money) will essentially own a majority share of America.

The economics of nations is a somewhat complicated subject, and most people, including most politicians, simply do not understand it. There are two schools of economic theory, Keynesian and Austrian, and if voters do not understand both of them we will continue deeper into Great Depression 2. My fervent wish is that all people make an effort to understand. Gay rights, abortion rights, racism, sexual preferences, etc. are simply not important. Economic survival is.

Jim Mulholland

Granby and Denver

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