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Letter of Thanks: Alarm troopers in the night

To the Editor:

I live in Loveland with my wife. We also have a home in Homestead Hills, Granby. Because we are not up there full-time, we have an alarm system. On the night of Aug. 14, I was called in Loveland by the central operator of the alarm company to report that there was a fire alarm at our house. Working through dispatch, I eventually was in contact with the leader of the firefighters on the scene. He had surveyed the scene and found no evidence of any fire. On the basis of this conversation, I was able to make a decision to pursue the matter no further, thereby relieving him of the sole responsibility.

This experience once again reminded me of how fortunate I and the other residents of the Grand Fire Protection District No. 1 are to have the quality of volunteers we have. While we sleep in our warm beds, they stand ready to roll out into the cold night to fight a fire — or to find another false alarm.

So, to the Grand Fire volunteers: a heartfelt “Thank you.”

Scoot and Dottie Childers


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