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Letter: Olson

Grand County, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

We believe it is time to state why we vote and urge others to vote conservative.

Our present situation is not exactly new. On July 4, 1776, our constitutional convention made a declaration stating that we refused to be governed by Great Britain’s king. Their declaration gave reasons, and we list below some urgent causes for ending President Obama’s term in office.

President Obama makes law by excessive use of executive orders, the constitutional order of law made by the peoples’ representatives in Congress. This is the kind of law made by kings and dictators.

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President Obama’s economic policies create uncertainty and doubt, thereby crippling the country’s businesses and industries, costing thousands of jobs.

The President’s health care law and policies will drive up costs, force destructive increases in taxes and ruin the world’s finest medical profession and service.

The President weakens our military by reducing budgets, apologizes to the world for our greatness weakens our positions among friendly nations thereby inviting our many enemies to take advantage of our growing weaknesses. These policies will eventually result in the tragic loss of lives and property.

In regard to rules for written law, the President simply ignores them as he commits a growing number of outright violations. For example, Obama ignored and issued an executive order granting amnesty to thousands of voting-age illegal immigrant students. His auto bailouts cheated the legal investors for the benefit of the unions. He invented federal authority that prohibits fracking.

He blames Congress for “forcing” him to make such laws. In short, he will have his way, Congress and public opinion be damned. Criticize him and you’re called a racist.

We are grateful for the fact that our constitution allows us to register these grievances, and we are not attempting to rewrite our constitution, but to save it. For more than 200 years the world has admired America and its constitution. We simply ask you to take note and cast your vote to conserve our unique legacy.

Al Olson

For the High Country Conservatives

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