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Letter: Owner ‘heart-broken’ for Curves closing

To the Editor:

To my loyal Curves members, it is with great regret that I am writing this to you. Due to circumstances out of my control, I am unable to continue keeping our treasured Curves open.

In the four years I have owned Curves in Grand County, all the decisions I made were based on putting my members first. (Sometimes in hindsight, the decisions did not end up as hoped). But unfortunately, this situation is one that I have no control over.

There will be no more payments going out of your account. If there are any credit card drafts that do go out, feel free to contact the previous manager. I only have control over the check drafts, and I can assure you that you will see no drafts going out of your checking accounts.

I don’t know how we could have tried any harder to keep Curves from closing, but after so many obstacles that were presented one after another, one has to ask themselves how much is enough.

Where do you draw that line? I know that you all understand that I had no choice, as a business decision it was apparent what I had to do.

Personally, it was the most difficult decision because I know that many of you only want to stay healthy.

But when the drama took over it was no longer enjoyable. I wish you all the best and want you all to continue to live a healthy and drama free life. My heart is broken.

Beth Sands

Owner of Grand Curves


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