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Letter: Rayome, In response to R Lewis of Granby

In response to R Lewis of Granby

I had read with some mild frustration regarding a rejoinder over Mr. Stoyer’s article involving “God-given Rights”, by R Lewis of Granby. Natural and God-given Rights are “unalienable” as defined and set forth in the Declaration of Independence. Unalienable Rights are of Devine Inspiration. The Constitution acting as both a societal compact and legal contract instituted by Man, is intended for the very protection of those Rights. Whether God or a Supreme Being isn’t categorically mentioned in the Constitution, is, in fact, meaningless. The Founders were quite clear in their notes and deliberations that their faith was at the very basis of their labors in this regard. The foundation for the establishment, function, conduct and restraint of the Government was instituted accordingly in that effort. Their creation was decidedly secular, yes. And the result was never intended to coerce the manner of you or anyone else’s lifestyle at the point of a gun. Yet try to remember the same can’t be said for Communism, Islam and other forms of murderous tyranny found spilling in on us from a World gone mad. A person of partisan views is often adamant about conferring ‘labels’ to make a point of their beliefs to assert their political position. And then to follow up with juvenile name calling and unsupportable assertions of sedition should remember this. Christians don’t separate their faith from the Laws of the Land in which they reside. And they don’t force you to follow their creeds or beliefs. Yet they comprehend that Republican values which created the United States are inseparable from the Judeo-Christian precepts of living a moral life. Whereas Democratic political views and philosophies clearly demonstrate they do not. Liberals, Leftists or Progressives, or whatever they choose to call themselves this week, hold views that customarily demonstrate that they are an anathema of America’s founding principles, ethical foundation and supremacy of Constitutional Rule of Law. It would be best in the future not to confuse the assertion “educational discussions” from prejudicial “emotional expressions”. Liberty is a priceless and precious gift. It only comes at great cost, blood and eternal vigilance. Ridicule or take it for granted at your peril.

M Rayome

Winter Park

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