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Letter – Reader counters criticism of columnist

To The Editor:

I feel compelled to respond to Don Hunt’s Nov. 4 letter where he states, “The only difference I can detect between Muftic’s (Felicia) articles and Rush Limbaugh’s radio show is that Rush occasionally offers a valid comment and logic.”

I would like to suggest another difference between the two: One is a high-priced (estimated $40 million annual salary), loud-mouthed, racist, former drug addict who more than occasionally spews forth fear and hate disguised as commentary, and the other is a wonderful woman and long-time Grand Country volunteer who also serves as a valuable Ski-Hi Daily News “Point-Counterpoint” columnist to William Hamilton’s right-wing screed.

However, I do agree with Mr. Hunt’s opinion that the subject of politics has become more and more depressing and that we need comic relief to cope. So in a spirit of bipartisanship, I pledge to keep my sense of humor while reading Mr. Hamilton if Mr. Hunt keeps his while reading Ms. Muftic.

Rick Callahan