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Letter: Reimer

Mary Reimer
North Platte, Neb.

To the Editor:

On Jan. 2 a very sad thing happened in your county.

My daughter got home from work and let her German shepherd out to run for a moment and relieve himself. Unfortunately Arco got too close to the road and a drunk driver swerved and hit him with such force that a 125-pound family pet was thrown into the air. The vet said Arco was killed on impact.

My daughter ran to comfort her dog. The drunk driver got out of her car and screamed to my daughter “my husband is going to kill me for wrecking the car.” She then proceeded to get back in her car and speed off, throwing ice and snow all over my daughter and her beloved pet. The tracks clearly showed that Arco was in the driveway and not on the road and that the drunk driver swerved off the road and hit him. Whether it was on purpose or due to her impairment, we will never know.

My daughter and granddaughters are devastated. To know their family pet met such a violent end will haunt them forever.

I have been to Grand Lake several times and know that there are many taverns a person can go to in order to drink. PLEASE, PLEASE if you are wanting to drink and party, go to one of these places and STAY THERE. Don’t get in your car and put yourself or others in harms way. God forbid, it could have been my daughter or granddaughters who were hit.

And to this particular drunk driver, please have the decency to contact this family and tell them how sorry you are for taking their pet from them. It won’t bring their beloved Arco back, anymore than if they would have chosen to file a police report naming you as the drunk driver. But it might help to restore their faith in humankind that has been seriously shaken.

Mary Reimer

North Platte, Neb.

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