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Letter: Retain Judge McClelland

To the Editor:

I have known Judge Ben McClelland for a very long time. I have known him as a member of this community, attorney and judge. Recently I saw the negative advertising against Judge McClelland and I had some questions.

My first question was who is behind this limited liability company. I researched the Secretary of State’s web site and discovered that Elizabeth K. Sands, of Denver, is the organizer.

My next question, what is her interest in our County Court Judge? I enquired around the community and learned that Ms. Sands lost her Grand County small claims case. Judge McClelland was the presiding judge in the case. I guess we can assume that the winning party would be happy with the judge’s ruling.

I then checked upon Judge McClelland’s rating as given by all persons appearing before him. I found that Defendants, Defense Counsel, Plaintiffs and Jurists gave Judge McClelland a B+ grade, 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. His B+ grade is only four tenths (0.4) off the state average for all Judges. This B+ grade includes rating by persons who have faced criminal charges and penalties before Judge McClelland.

From my school days, and internet search, I found that a 3.0 coverts to a B+ letter grade. A Judge with a B+ grade does not sound like a bad judge or one we should have concerns about. I also saw the Judge McClelland has had no trial decisions over turned by appeal. That sounds like he is making correct ruling on the law to me.

I have known Ben McClelland to be honest, hardworking member of this community for several decades. I know Judge Ben McClelland to be a straightforward, no nonsense, call them as he sees them, kind of guy. I trust that people who truly know Judge Ben McClelland will vote to retain him as our Grand County Court Judge.

Cary Laman


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