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Letter: ‘Road Warrior’ also a great craftsman

To the Editor:

I loved reading your article about “The Road Warrior,” but I was sorry you didn’t mention his quaint little antique store in Empire, East Park Avenue Antiques. His antique, reconditioned furniture and his stained glass designs all tell a story. Rob also has many stories to tell. He is a very interesting and entertaining gentleman.

He is an excellent craftsman. He has repaired several pieces of antique furniture of mine at a very reasonable cost and the work is very well done. He also has beautiful, designer,leaded glass designs. So I would encourage anyone when traveling through Empire to look for the wooden Indian on the corner of East Park Avenue. Take a stroll through his store, say “hello” and listen to some great stories.

Something he said to me the last time I stopped was,”Sky Hi news called me short. I am not short. It depends on who I am standing next to.”

Hopefully, he will be back on his bicycle soon and we can wave when we pass him on Berthoud.

Marty Dapogny


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