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Letter: Rosen, Vote Yes Issue 1B

Vote Yes Issue 1B

We are in support of keeping our libraries open by voting for Referred Issue 1B. In exchange for $8 on every $100,000 value of a residential property, we wil keep a very significant part of our community. Most of us throw away much more than $8 worth of food from our refrigerator every year. $8 each year for our libraries will not be thrown away. It will allow us to still visit our libraries to access Wi-Fi, check out books and e-books, do research, make copies, attend seminars and much more. $8 per year will help our children to grow up with a love of learning through books and other resources that our libraries provide. Please vote “yes” for our libraries – Issue 1B. Most of us will not miss that $8. But we will sorely miss our libraries if we lose them.

Martha Hut and Jon Rosen


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