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Letter: Russell, Paving the new stage

Paving the new stage

I was disappointed to hear that the town of Winter Park had amended its plans to include paving the area in front of the stage that is being built at Hideaway Park. Parks are places we go to spend time, gather as a community in a comfortable environment, stand and socialize, dance or sit and be entertained. We have grassy lawns in parks because they provide a place where we enjoy spending time, with some cool cushioning underfoot. We generally don’t enjoy spending time standing on pavement in the heat of a summer day. As a physical therapist I am keenly aware of the impacts that standing or spending time on unyielding surfaces has on our bodies. Artificial turf seemed like a good idea when it was first introduced, as it would reduce maintenance challenges, but we saw injuries rise due to its unforgiving nature. I would hope that the line item which described the change as paving was not true pavement, but instead a surface that will provide comfort and safety to the public.

Jeff Russell


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